Pumpkin carving is a firm favourite at Halloween and is an activity we take great delight in at Active Camps over the October half term. It’s the perfect activity for creativity and exploring the natural world, plus, kids LOVE messy activities!

Tips for carving pumpkins with children at home

  1. Buy the pumpkin carving kits from the shops. They may seem unnecessary but in a lot of cases it is a lot more effective than a kitchen knife, and is child friendly.
  2. Scooping out the pumpkins insides is messy work, make sure you have hand wipes and a bin bag at the ready
  3. Adult supervision is a must!
  4. Let your child help with the design of the pumpkin (draw a pattern on the surface) and with removing the pulp and seeds but leave the carving to a grown up.
  5. Have a look online for inspiration. There’s some amazing pumpkin designs out there! You can print stencils and copy them directly onto your pumpkin using a pin to poke holes following the pattern.

5 Pumpkin carving ideas to do with kids




Traditional Halloween Pumpkin

Traditional pumpkin designs are a great idea for kids as it doesn’t involve anything too complicated. Their pumpkin can be as scary or friendly as they like.


Pumpkin Painting

Pumpkin painting is great for all ages and simple enough for even the youngest of the family!




Glitter Pumpkins

Perfect for those who like a bit of sparkle!




Glue things on to the pumpkin 

You can clue almost anything to a pumpkin!  Googly-eyes, pom poms, buttons, feathers… Your littles ones can be creative as they want!



Vomiting Pumpkin

This particular design has become very popular over the years and children will love it! Make sure you carve out the eyes and a big circle for the mouth and then pulling out the insides.



We will be sure to try out a few of these ideas at Active Camps!

Why not join us for some spooky fun this October half term?

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