Bonfire Night is always an exciting event for children – whether their families decide to visit an official display or choose to purchase their own fireworks.

But with many people, including children, hospitalised with firework-related injuries each autumn, it’s important to remember how dangerous fireworks can be.

Here are some tips on how to keep little ones’ safe

  1. Children should always watch firework displays from a safe distance – keeping their distance from both fireworks and any bonfires.
  2. Families should stick together if they are going to a firework event. Make sure children stay close by, it is going to be dark and most likely crowded. Have a discussion before the event and talk about the importance of keeping together.
  3. Only adults should deal with setting up firework displays, the lighting of fireworks and the safe disposal of fireworks once they have been used (including sparklers). Children should not be asked to help at any stage.
  4. Children should always be supervised when holding sparklers, but it is also super important to make sure they wear gloves. Keep sparklers away from face and eyes and don’t allow children under the age of five to hold sparklers. After sparklers have been used, sparklers should be placed in a bucket of cold water. For a safer alternative, consider glow sticks.
  5. It can get pretty cold outside on bonfire night. Whilst it might feel cosy with the glow of the bonfire, don’t forget to wrap up warm to fight the winter chill.
  6. Sensitive little ears may not get the same enjoyment from watching the colourful explosions in the night sky. For those who are sensitive to noise, make sure you bring earmuffs to muffle loud sounds. That way they can still enjoy the show whilst protecting their ears.

Most importantly have fun!
Here at Active Camps we cannot wait for the 5th of November!

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