Short on time? Here’s a quick summary:

  • Active Camps will operate as normal this Easter
  • Additional measures will be introduced including temperature screening at sign-in
  • Staff will undergo additional training
  • Provisions have been made for extra supplies, isolation areas, and procedures if a case is suspected at camp
  • A flexible ‘no-quibble’ cancellation policy is now in effect
  • All children and staff will be encouraged to wash hands frequently and follow the basic principles of ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’

For any further queries or concerns, please contact head office:

Coronavirus Updates

Active Camps and the entire Oxford Active operations team are working hard to ensure all of our childcare provisions are still able to operate, while following the latest Public Health England and government recommendations regarding the developing outbreak of COVID-19 in England.

Please refer to this page for any and all updates with regards to Active Camps, Active Clubs, Active Adventure, Active Plus, and our overarching policies for all of our childcare schemes.


What extra precautions are you taking to avoid the spread of the virus?

This will depend on the spread of the virus at the time and location of the camp, and we will continue to follow government advice.  As a minimum we will ensure:

  • All children observed and monitored for symptoms
  • More regular hand washing for children and staff
  • We will encourage and run educational workshops on hygiene for the children including ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ principles.
  • We will mitigate the sharing of areas and swapping between age groups of staff and children.
  • Any children displaying symptoms to be immediately quarantined and sent home from Camp
  • All areas used by any child who has since been quarantined to be decontaminated
  • We will enforce quarantine on any staff the meet the criteria and they will not be allowed on site
  • We will increase restrictions on visitors and only essential visits will be made to the site
  • We will increase the frequency of cleaning

What is your cancellation policy?

In light of recent events, we are offering a ‘no-quibble’ cancellation policy, effective immediately and until further notice, at all Oxford Active childcare sites.

Are you planning to close any Active Clubs or Active Camps?

We will not close any Club or Camp unless we are advised to do so by the local Health Protection Team, or if the school or Camp location becomes unavailable for reasons beyond our control.

There is currently no indication to believe we will have to close any of our Clubs or Camps.

How will you let us know of any closures?

We will contact each parent by email newsletter and text message.

We will also post updates to this page and our social media (Facebook and Instagram).

How much notice will we get if you are going to close?

As much as possible. We will notify on the same day we receive the advice from authorities.

Will we get a refund if you close the Camp or Club?

You will receive credit for a future Camp.

What happens if my child can’t attend because they have suspected or confirmed coronavirus? Will I get a refund?

Any cancellation for any reason more than 14 days in advance qualifies for a full refund in any case.

For cancellations less than 14 days in advance:

If a child has a suspected case of coronavirus and has been advised to self-isolate by the NHS, or has been confirmed to have contracted the coronavirus, you will receive a full refund.    Written evidence of the request to quarantine or a GP note will be required in order to qualify for a full refund.

What happens if I decide not to allow my child to attend because of the threat of catching the virus? Will I get a refund?


What happens if there’s a suspected case among children or staff?

We will notify all parents of children attending the camp on collection immediately and also by newsletter, following government advice by quarantining the child or staff member immediately after they are suspected.   Children will then need to be collected by their parent.   Staff members suspected of having the virus will be removed from the site.  The site will then be decontaminated, but will remain open.   We will then confirm the results when we are informed at a later date in order to communicate if there is any further need for self-quarantine.

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