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Kids love technology – that’s a fact!

Active Plus Computing inspires technical creativity, that provides a hands-on learning experience for children, who will be given a set of activities to complete to demonstrate their ability, to learn new skills and encourage their imagination.

Minecraft Workshop

Children will be fully engaged in the Minecraft sessions from ComputerXplorers. Using MinecraftEdu (a version of the game created specifically for use in schools) the children will work together offline in our own Minecraft world hosted on a local server.

In ComputerXplorers’ classes children will work in Survival Mode which requires them to take into account resources, hunger, tools and more as they build and expand their world. Children have to explore in order to collect resources and process what they find, such as smelting ore to create metal.

The development of their Minecraft world gives children an insight into the various elements of survival, settlement and exploration in a way that keeps them constantly observing, hypothesising, testing and always engaged

Take a look at this article on the BBC website about what makes Minecraft so special.

Each child will have their own computer for this session.

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  • Age 8+
  • £16