Active Plus Cookery


  • Can be added as an extra with camp
  • Can be booked separate to camp (dependant on type of cookery workshop
  • £40 if not attending camp
  • £20 if attending camp
  • No experience needed
  • Currently not available to book

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Calling all little master-chefs!

This cooking Active Plus gives children the chance to cook an exciting mix of sweet and savoury dishes that will test and develop their culinary skills and enable them to impress their family with some delicious take-home treats for that evening’s meal!

Children use all their senses while cooking; letting them cook helps them be more comfortable around food and can help them become healthier eaters.

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Since 2011 our cookery school has been committed to teaching children of all ages about the importance of being able to cook for themselves and others. Instilling in our students an understanding of nutrition and basic kitchen skills, but most importantly fostering an ongoing curiosity about the food they eat.