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  • Ages can vary on location
  • No experience needed
  • Price can vary on location
  • Comfy clothes recommended

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Throughout Active Plus Fencing children of all abilities will learn key skills and elements of the sport, including technique and safety procedures. Active Plus Fencing focuses on providing a fun, lively and safe environment for children to learn this sport and develop their skills.

Our trained coaches deliver structured classes that offer a mixture of games, balance and mobility exercises and blade skills to help children understand the sport and improve their balance, co-ordination, speed and timing. Through developing these skills children will also develop their self-discipline and, more importantly, their confidence!

In Partnership with:

Luso Fencing Academy (LFA) has been established in March 2014 by portuguese fencing coach Carina Vicente. The name Luso is a tribute to the founder´s portuguese roots. Lusus was the supposed son or companion of Bacchus to whom portuguese national mythology attributed the foundation of ancient lusitania and the fatherwood of its inhabitants the lusitanians, seen as the ancestors of the modern Portuguese people.

LFA started to offer a Children Fencing Academy in Marlow and got involved with a few local schools. Its success brought other schools into the project in September 2014 as well as a new Children Fencing Academy session and an Adult Fencing Academy in Maidenhead

Nowadays Luso Fencing Academy runs over 20 weekly sessions between club sessions and school sessions seeing over 150 fencers.

Wokingham based.

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