Active Plus

Active Plus 

  • Specialist Coaching – Active Plus is a series of camps and workshops which are delivered by specialist coaches within their field. Our specialists provide fun-filled and stimulating environments for all children, by tailoring the camps to promote inclusion, no matter the skill level, by challenging the individual needs of each child.
  • Learning Journey – Each camp delivers detailed coaching sessions, structured to facilitate each child and offer them a level of ownership towards their own learning. From the first to the last day at Active Plus, all sessions are designed with a clear structured learning journey.
  • Flexibility – On most of our programmes you can book for as few or as many days as you like and bookings remain open, subject to availability, right up to the start of camp. We do advise for the best experience to book a complete course and if you can only make a couple of days, to try to come for the first of each course. Active Plus sessions can be booked either in addition to Active Camps or as a standalone option in all-day childcare isn’t needed.
  • Make Friends – As well as children from local schools, our camps are also open to international students so it’s quite common for our kids to find a pen pal and test their language skills!
  • Peace of Mind – Your children are in a safe and secure environment having fun. We have over 15 years’ experience of ensuring children have the best school holidays ever.
  • Opportunity to try new activities and develop skills – Whether it’s your child’s first ever time at an activity or they’ve been doing it for years our highly qualified staff have the knowledge and experience to cater to all skill levels; providing a fun, engaging learning environment.


Additional Information

Active Plus covers a wide range of different activities; at the moment we have launched a limited series of camps, including Active Plus FootballActive Plus Dance and Active Plus Swimming and many more.

This May we will be running programs at:

Oxford High

Holme Grange 


Bilton Grange 



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