Active Plus Dance


  • Separated into two age groups 3-5 years and 6+ years.
  • Can be added as an extra with camp
  • 3-5 years will be a 1 hour session
  • 3-5 years £5 per child
  • 6+ years will be 10:30 – 15:00
  • 6+ years group can be booked separate from camp.
  • 6+ years group £25 per child or only £10 when attending camp
  • No experience needed.
  • Comfy clothes recommended
  • Not currently available to book

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3- 5 years  group

Active Plus Mini Movers incorporates music and movement actives with exciting, child-led themes. Each session is based around a specific dance style which is carried on throughout the various activities.

Children may become street dancing pirates, or explore contemporary styles when going on a bear hunt, even counting the hungry caterpillar with ballet steps! All sessions are designed to have little ones explore exciting and different ways of moving to music.

6+ group

Over the three days at Active Plus Dance children will have the chance to explore various dance styles, such as street, contemporary, ballet and cheerleading. Children will further their skills by exploring how to choreograph as part of a group, and adapt their dances with exciting themes and storylines. Finally, we will work on performance skills and fun ways of putting on a show.

Throughout each day everyone will get the chance to build their confidence in dance, involving exciting games, routines and team-building activities.

We feel that the freedom of dance makes children feel happy, positive and energetic. Our sessions are focused on building the 3 C’s in children’s learning;

  • Creativity
  • Co-ordination
  • Confidence  (both physically and socially!).

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