Active Plus Dance 6+

Over the three days at Active Plus Dance children will have the chance to explore various dance styles, such as street, contemporary, ballet and cheerleading. Children will further their skills by exploring how to choreograph as part of a group, and adapt their dances with exciting themes and storylines. Finally, we will work on performance skills and fun ways of putting on a show.

Throughout each day everyone will get the chance to build their confidence in dance, involving exciting games, routines and team-building activities.

We feel that the freedom of dance makes children feel happy, positive and energetic. Our sessions are focused on building the 3 C’s in children’s learning;

  • Creativity
  • Co-ordination
  • Confidence  (both physically and socially!).

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Example Timetable

Warm up + introduction to street dance

Choreographing activity in groups; what moves can you add to the dance?

Dance game – Granny’s dance steps

Introduction to contemporary dance and cheerleading

Characterisation activity; What theme could bring my routine to life? Monsters, animals , films etc.  + cool down

Additional Information

There are currently no dates for Active Plus Dance

  • Ages 6 + (for under 6s please click here)
  • 10:00-15:00
  • £25 per child or only £10 extra when attending Active Camps 

£25 per child or only £10 extra when attending Active Camps

  • Packed lunch
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Any related medication i.e. inhalers, EPI pens, etc.