Active Plus Football 6+


  • Separated into two age groups 3-5 years and 6+ years.
  • Can be added as an extra with camp
  • 3-5 years will be a 1 hour session
  • 3-5 years £7 per day
  • 6+ years will be 10:30 – 15:00
  • 6+ years group can be booked separate from camp.
  • 6+ years group £29 per child or only £14 when attending camp per day
  • No experience needed.
  • Comfy clothes recommended

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3-5 years group 

Active Plus Football for children aged 3-5 creates a fun, confidence-building environment for younger children starting to take an interest in football. We focus on building the fundamental skills of every child. We believe in offering children the opportunity to have a positive experience of football in a pressure-free setting.

Active Plus Football for under 5s starts with the basics of football (passing, dribbling, shooting and lots more!); coaching is also centred around key skills that are essential for learning, no matter the activity.

6+ years group

Throughout Active Plus Football, children of all abilities and ages will learn key skills for every aspect of football, regardless of whether it’s their first time kicking a football, or they’re already playing on a regular basis. Active Plus Football focuses on providing a safe environment for children to learn. We focus on the individual needs of the players, ranging from teaching the basic fundamentals skills of football to working on the advanced technical and tactical understanding of the game.

Active Plus Football splits the days into morning and afternoon sessions; the morning session looks at the technique side of football, whilst the afternoon focuses on bringing those skills together in mini tournaments, attackers vs defenders and many more games-based activities!

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