Multi - Activity Camp Activities


At Active Camps we offer a wide range of activities through out each day at camp, and with over 50 activities, there is something for everyone!. Children will build confidence with motor skills, creativity, fitness and social skills, whilst most importantly having fun and making new friends through the different activities below:

Arts and Crafts,
Messy Play,
Circle Games,
Ball Games,
Treasure Hunts,
Sport Games,
Story Time,
Active Plus Coaching,
Active Plus Trips
and many more!

You will be able to know what your child is getting up to on a particular day by looking at the activity boards in the sign in area in the morning. Each group has a board with a timetable of the day on it,  this is changed daily with new and exciting activities with relate to the daily theme at Camp.

Age Groups at Camp

At all our Multi-Activity camps, we cater to the interests and developmental needs of children aged from 3 to 14 years old. Children are placed in specific age groups to ensure that they enjoy activities and experiences that suits them, whilst making new friends with children around the same age.

The ages in each group will depend on the age distribution across the whole camp which can change from camp to camp and from week to week. Age groups can tend be 3-5 (early years), 6-8 (middles) and 9+ (olders),  sometimes we may group different ages together, it does depend on how many children we have on camp on each day, the child’s development and the group they feel comfortable in.

Please note that we put the children in groups based on dates of birth, not school years.

3-5 years

Children in this age group are busy developing their social skills and have heaps of energy.

On-camp activities act as learning opportunities for younger children, which allow them to be creative, think critically and help further develop their physical and social skills.

We also have additional Active Plus activities which are specialised coaching. Most of these activities will cater to our early years. Unfortunately, Active Plus Trips (off-site trips) are for ages 6+, so children in this age bracket would not be able to take part.

6-8 years

Children in this age group are full of energy and have developed a number of new skills. Our group activities are perfect for this age, helping them develop friendships, confidence and social skills. Activities range from sport, arts and crafts, cooking, circle games and many more.

We have additional Active Plus activities, which are specialised coaching workshops. As well as Active Plus trips which are off-site activities.

9+ years

Children in this age group already have a sense of the activities they like so whilst we encourage them to take part in everything, we allow them to also have a sense of independence in their decision making. Whatever they choose, they’ll be immersed in activities that challenge them both physically and mentally, whilst also continuing to build confidence in their own abilities.

We have additional Active Plus activities, which are specialised coaching workshops. As well as Active Plus trips which are off-site activities.

Active Plus

Active Plus is a series of specialist training and coaching sessions aimed at children who want to improve their skills in a particular area. From football to performing arts, science and even cookery, there’s something for everyone!

Active Plus Trips

At each Camp, there will  be additional Active Plus  off-site trips for children aged 6 and over, ranging from a cinema trip, to a visit to “Go Ape”, which complement our specialist on-site activities for all ages, which include options such as pottery painting classes and Einstein Entertainers science workshops!