Booking with Active Camps

Please ensure you read the below to ensure you book with the correct form

1. Register for may

Before you can register your child’s information or book a place, you must register as a parent. We require one parent registration, you can then assign multiple children to your account.

2. Register child for May

Once you are registered as a parent you can now register your children here. You are unable to book any spaces at our camps without having first registered your child/ren.

3. Book May

Once you have registered your details and your child’s, you can book your prefered camp. For childcare voucher payments, we require these to be transferred at the time of booking.

Book Summer

We are currently in the middle of a staggered launch of a new booking system. You can now re-register to book Active Camps Summer programmes. Active Adventure will be launched in the next week. Currently, we have not been able to carry across your existing profiles so you will need to make a new account.