How do I get access to the link?

If you register here you will then receive the link by email.

Why do I need to register?

Due to the nature of the activities we need to have an idea of how many people are intending on using the session to ensure we can offer a high quality provision and the coaches can prepare.

We are also taking you and your childs details as we would for any other activity as it is best practice when delivering anything with children.

How much do the classes cost?

Oxford Active is dedicated to providing support for our partners and families wherever we can. We have been hit hard like many other providers and are doing our best to bring these classes to you for as little as possible.

Are classes are not set price – we understand that this is a challenging time for all and so you are welcome to book onto these classes on a ‘donation’ of your choice.

Our Family Yoga class and Paediatric First Aid Course are FREE to attend.

How do I prepare for my child's online class?

Please read carefully before joining your online class.


– Ensure that your zoom profile name is your child’s first name only. Please do not include surnames for Data Protection purposes.

– Make sure that your video is on so that the teacher can see you during the class

 Find a space thats safe and gives you enough room

– Remove any personal items that you may wish to not be seen from your video background

– Be aware that we will be able to hear others in your household during the class


– Pass any Zoom class details on to anyone who has not booked a place with us

– Use the virtual background feature during class – this can be distracting when mid flow of a class

– Record any classes yourself. Classes are strictly not allowed to be recorded on any third party technology, including phones, laptops, screen recordings, iPads or any other camera devices. This is for the safety of the participants. Photos and Videos are allowed to be made of your own child only. Oxford Active has consent to record all zoom classes for safety and security purposes.

– Change your profile name during class – this can make it really hard for teachers to communicate with you during classes.

Please note – any inappropriate behaviour will result in you being removed from the class and unable to book any future classes with us. 

What are the benefits of online classes?

Unlike a school environment we offer classes associated with our Active Plus programme that challenges new skills, energises the room, boosts confidence, promotes gender neutral activity, and reduces stress levels.

  • We provide structure to the day with minimal disruption at a low-cost entry level.


  • We provide an accommodating, energetic and safe zone to stimulate all participants.


  • Everyone feels included with no discrimination.


  • We allow you to select your own learning by attending classes suited to you.


  • We allow you to work at your own pace with no pressure.


  • We allow you to communicate with others, developing and maintaining your social skills.


  • Not only will you develop emotionally, physically, and socially but you will also develop your ICT and technology skills.


  • The language used on delivery is age related and pitched accordingly to secure a child’s enjoyment and understanding.


  • Securing a young child’s welfare is our key priority so of all our staff are fully DBS checked with certificates.

Online Term Time Activities

Bringing you all of the fun activities from our After-School Clubs and Holiday Camps straight to your home!

Check out our action packed two week timetable below, filled with all of your favourite online activities!

All of our Online Sessions are run on a ‘Pay What You Like’ basis, meaning you choose what you’d like to pay!

From Science, to Drama, real life Animal Encounters to Learning Italian!

Our fresh two week timetable is bursting with fun for you to enjoy!

What Parents Have to Say About Our Online Sessions!

“Toby was so happy yesterday receiving his Star of the Day certificate. He was quite shy to begin with and never really did anything like this before but tried very hard and it was amazing to see him getting more confident by the minute! Huge thanks to Hattie (Little Visions and Showstoppers leader) for giving him the certificate and boosting his confidence!”

“I love the diversity of the 5 workshops that you have advertised along with musical theatre”

“My child loved it. Thank you for making him smile”

“The teacher for musical theatre was brilliant – so lively – energetic, full of everything good that dance/acting/singing should. Five stars to her!”

“We loved the science class and would definitely pay for that. The entertainer was very entertaining and engaging”

“So glad you are doing it, especially for the younger age group”


Learn More About Our Online Activities!